Advantages of Using Article Directories

Even though Internet revolution has taken the concept of marketing several notches higher; gaining customers’ attention still remains one of the toughest jobs of all.

People use all types of gimmicks from designing a fancy website to offer discount to hire people to improve their search engine rankings. All these activities are time consuming and cost you a good amount of money.

Article marketing is simply writing articles related to your products or services and submitting it to directories online so that others can view it. It is a very popular exercise to get more customers online.

An article would introduce you and your services to the large audience using World Wide Web. It could be an exclusive introduction or a relevant article carrying a link back to the related service. Either ways article marketing would definitely help you make some noise and your presence noticed.

article directory  advantages
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Some of the famous article directories are ezinearticles,, articledashboard, articlecity etc. These websites allow the users to submit articles, to read and share them on their personal blogs or other places provided they don’t manipulate the source.

Article Directory Advantages

Following are the advantages of using article directories:

Provides a platform to publish a wide array of topics
While submitting the articles to article directories, you can write about variety of topics initially to gain attention of the users.

There is no restriction on what you write till the time the facts are verified and the content is original. Remember to insert a link back to your website in each of the article so as to direct the traffic towards your product.

Improve your search engine rankings
As stated earlier, gaining customer’s attention is one prime motive of any marketing activity that is like half the battle won. So whenever you put up articles in the article directory, remember to insert a link back to your personal blog or website, so that whenever a reader reaches that article, he/she wouldn’t have tough time finding you.

Backlinks also help you improve SEO of your blog.

Cost effective & wider impact
Marketing and its related activities need a lot of monetary back up and the results could vary. But submitting articles to articles directories is comparatively cheaper and it reaches a wide number of audience in minimum possible time. And like word of mouth publicity, the impact is greater and lasting.

Risk free activity
Writing articles or building relevant content is actually not a very tough job. You need not be a Shakespeare or William Wordsworth to create content that would catch fancy of many. A simple, precise and relevant article is sufficient to get the users hooked.

In case your articles are creating the buzz, you could outsource this job. So, here you are not risking time, energy or money.

Low on investment, High on returns
Low investment and good return on investment is dream of all the companies. Submitting your articles to article directory can greatly impact your online presence. You could attract lots of traffic after efforts of couple of hours, and as such directories have thousands of users visiting them on daily bases for various reasons. You could also see your articles being shared on personal blogs and other social medium, with a link back to your website.