Affiliate Marketing Guide

This is a complete guide to affiliate marketing. If you are a new blogger, this is the perfect guide to start off!

Today people live a lifestyle that revolves around technology. As the time is moving ahead, technology is bringing a revolution among all by updating the base and changing trends.

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers is a high intensive way to make more money online. Bloggers are the one who sell their content and affiliate marketing is done by selling or promoting other’s product may be an individuals or a company.

For affiliate marketing blogging becomes a medium wherein bloggers advertise the needed promotions. In turn for bloggers in becomes a medium to earn high amount of money just by blogging.

What is affiliate marketing anyways?

Blogging upheaval affiliate marketing. It is all about writing blogs along with affiliate programs. Bloggers write content and affiliate ads on their blogs related to the content. The readers or visitors see the ads and purchase any product from the affiliated ads then the blogger earns a commission for same.

In short and easy language, Affiliate marketing makes a blogger sell other peoples product via their blogs and helps blogger receive a commission for the sale.

affiliate marketing guide

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How to start affiliate marketing?

First thing to do in affiliate marketing is to select your niche and choose the industry in which you need to promote affiliate business. The best way to choose is going for your area of interest and the one in which you build your passion.

Choose the target market

Before doing anything, you must look for the potential lists of people or customer. One must understand the requirement and interest of the potential buyers and gather them at one place to promote the same.

Finding affiliate products or networks

There are many sites out there where product owners set up the details about their products and encourage them to affiliate who can. It helps to find the affiliate products over the sites.

Few of those sites are Amazon associates, commission junction, ClickBank, Google affiliate network. Some affiliate networks make late payments; follow awful business practices, so one must carry out detail research before joining any particular affiliate network.


ClickBank is mainly an information product site where the eBooks, videos etc are sold. No physical product is involved on ClickBank affiliate network, which therefore serves to be a limitation of the site. But here, one can follow the number of times a link has been posted and obviously the sale made through the network.

If you want to use ClickBank you need to sign up for an account and accept the approval process which may take a little time.

Commission Junction

Commission junction is another affiliate networks that you can use to affiliate your products. It mainly includes the physical products and hence gives more choice of making much more commission on the sale of the product.

Here, you must get the authorization from the retailers to promote their products for a percentage of commission. But in general it is not so difficult to find products to include on your blogs.

Google affiliate network is much same as that of communication junction and provides the same basis to promote affiliate marketing.

Amazon Associates

It is one of the oldest affiliate networks. An advantage that Amazon associates provide is that in which you need not to get approval for every product you want to affiliate.

So all in all it becomes easy for the bloggers to affiliate products and ads along with their contents related to the product and make more money. This helps to encourage affiliate marketing to a great extent.

Which product to choose?

Research of a product is an important step to affiliate marketing. The bloggers must choose those products that can be trusted with the quality part most importantly.

The product must be high valued and a genuine one. Regardless of choosing any product, you must be comfortable recommending those products so that it does not ruin your reputation.

Google Trends can serve a wonderful option for analyzing the potential active products so as to monitor how does those product sale goes in your niche. To get to know about the statistics of sale of a particular product one must click on “Gravity” or “Network Earnings” options on the affiliate network.

In the search of the potential product one question that disturbs the blogger is whether to go for virtual product or physical product. Virtual product includes e-books etc whereas physical products include gadgets etc.

In either way of thinking virtual products are more beneficial to promote as it does not include any overhead cost of shipping, inventory, delivery etc.

Choose product that already is making high sale. Also keep in mind while selecting a product to affiliate is that the price of product should neither be very expensive not very cheap.

It affects the thinking of the customer or buyer.

Try to find mainly those products to affiliate that serves people and help to solve their problems creatively and innovatively.

Ones eventual victory in creating an affiliate business is totally dependent on the product one chooses to encourage its sale and promotion and making its feature useful in getting high level benefits.

How to affiliate to a product?

After selecting the products to affiliate, one must provide a correct link so that if any sale of the product is made then the commission gets deposited to your account.

The promotion of the product can be made easier by publishing ad banner on the sites, or by providing a link to the product.

The best way to get more products sold through affiliate marketing is by providing a review of products along with the ads on your site.


Affiliate marketing has therefore created a way out for new bloggers and affiliate marketers to join the competition of making money online and get into this line of hard work.

The only thing required to make it work successfully is the knowledge of best blogging techniques and ways or information of web hosting.

Such hosting technique is very important to create blogs. Hence above tips can be considered in case of successful affiliate marketing.