What is Backlink and How to Get Backlinks to Your Blog?

So what is a backlink? Here is the definition in simple words. A backlink is a link which points from another website to a page of your website. It enables you to keep track of another pages on web that link to your posts.

How to get backlinks to your blog

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The benefits of backlinks to your blog

A backlink is very important in blogging world. If properly placed, it sends you traffic directly to your blog. It also increases value of your blog in search engines and thus improves your ranking in search engines.

This in turn promotes your blog and helps increase it’s popularity. So we can say that backlinks are building blocks of a successful blog.

There are so many benefits of backlinks in your blogs. The more the number of relevant backlinks to your page, the more is the indication to Google of the popularity of your website.

However, it doesn’t mean to have any random or low quality backlink. These should be of high quality otherwise they would be considered spam.

If both sites, yours and the one linking to yours, has content covering the same keyword topic, the backlink is considered relevant and has strong influence on the search engine rankings for your webpage that received the backlink.

How to get backlinks?

Now the question arises how to get backlinks to your blog? Well there are certain ways to create backlinks easily which are as follows:

Get backlinks from social bookmarking
Always try to get backlinks naturally. One way is through social bookmarking sites. You bookmark your content on these sites and get backlink in exchange. Not only that, you also get direct traffic from that social bookmarking site.

Leave comments on other blogs
Try to find out blogs in your niche and leave meaningful comments to add value to it. If you just try to get a backlink without adding any value to the comment, it will look like a spam. In that case, the blog owner may not approve your comment.

Tip: If you leave comments on CommentLuv enabled blogs, you will get a dofollow link!

Write valuable content on your own blog
Another way is through the content which you write on your blog. You should write your content in a unique style which attracts more visitors to it.

If other blogs owners find it useful, they will naturally link to your post!

Get backlinks from forums
Look for discussion forum related to your topic and participate in the discussion. Most of the forums allow you to add link to your blog in signature.

Tip: Don’t spam the forum otherwise you could be banned by moderators of the forum.

Write guest posts
Find out blogs in your niche and see if they allow guest posts. If they do, write a relevant blog post for them. In return, you can put a backlink or two in the author bio.

It’s true that the process of getting backlinks is very time consuming so you got to be very patient. It might take several weeks to create high quality backlinks manually but persistence and hardwork would certainly produce results.