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Advantages of Using Article Directories

Even though Internet revolution has taken the concept of marketing several notches higher; gaining customers’ attention still remains one of the toughest jobs of all.

People use all types of gimmicks from designing a fancy website to offer discount to hire people to improve their search engine rankings. All these activities are time consuming and cost you a good amount of money.

Article marketing is simply writing articles related to your products or services and submitting it to directories online so that others can view it. It is a very popular exercise to get more customers online.

An article would introduce you and your services to the large audience using World Wide Web. It could be an exclusive introduction or a relevant article carrying a link back to the related service. Either ways article marketing would definitely help you make some noise and your presence noticed.

article directory  advantages
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Some of the famous article directories are ezinearticles,, articledashboard, articlecity etc. These websites allow the users to submit articles, to read and share them on their personal blogs or other places provided they don’t manipulate the source.

Article Directory Advantages

Following are the advantages of using article directories:

Provides a platform to publish a wide array of topics
While submitting the articles to article directories, you can write about variety of topics initially to gain attention of the users.

There is no restriction on what you write till the time the facts are verified and the content is original. Remember to insert a link back to your website in each of the article so as to direct the traffic towards your product.

Improve your search engine rankings
As stated earlier, gaining customer’s attention is one prime motive of any marketing activity that is like half the battle won. So whenever you put up articles in the article directory, remember to insert a link back to your personal blog or website, so that whenever a reader reaches that article, he/she wouldn’t have tough time finding you.

Backlinks also help you improve SEO of your blog.

Cost effective & wider impact
Marketing and its related activities need a lot of monetary back up and the results could vary. But submitting articles to articles directories is comparatively cheaper and it reaches a wide number of audience in minimum possible time. And like word of mouth publicity, the impact is greater and lasting.

Risk free activity
Writing articles or building relevant content is actually not a very tough job. You need not be a Shakespeare or William Wordsworth to create content that would catch fancy of many. A simple, precise and relevant article is sufficient to get the users hooked.

In case your articles are creating the buzz, you could outsource this job. So, here you are not risking time, energy or money.

Low on investment, High on returns
Low investment and good return on investment is dream of all the companies. Submitting your articles to article directory can greatly impact your online presence. You could attract lots of traffic after efforts of couple of hours, and as such directories have thousands of users visiting them on daily bases for various reasons. You could also see your articles being shared on personal blogs and other social medium, with a link back to your website.

Why Submit Articles to Article Directory

Submitting articles to an article directory could be subjective choice. You could be a writer who loves to write about a wide range of topics, some of which you have developed expertise in. Or you could be a writer earning a living out of writing articles in order to market them.

In both these scenarios, article directories would help these writers reach a bigger audience and give them a recognition which would have not been possible on a personal blog or website.

Article directories are basically a collection of articles on various submitted by people residing in different parts of the world, for a cost or free. Articles submitted in article directories are free to distribute and share, provided the author gets credit and the web links if any, remain intact.

Article directory and article marketing

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Aforesaid, the reason to submit articles to an article directory could vary person to person, but its benefits can be summed as follows:

To Improve Your Blog’s Ranking & Traffic

If you are a marketing person who writes to market a product/service you would be delighted to know that articles, especially fresh ones are search engine friendly; more so if you keep your article relevant and include lots of keywords/tags, which a user might use while searching for similar product/service.

You have a liberty of adding a couple of backlinks to your blog, while you pen a short yet interesting write up about the thing you wish to advertise.

This would help the audience follow you back to your blog and its product. More audience clicking on your articles means more are the chances of your blog to improve its traffic. That would definitely help you generate business.

To Get A Direct Feedback

For business or self-development a feedback from the readers is utmost necessary. Whether they like what you have written or have thoughts against it, in either way you would grow and gather some more knowledge.

Articles and the chance to comment below it is like an interactive box between the author and his audience, they could suggest improvements or add a point or two which would help the author write better. Also, in terms of marketing, any feedback from customer positive or otherwise would help the company to create better products.

To Establish Your Credibility

For you to sell a product or gain some followers, it is very important that you establish yourself as an expert or a person who knows what is he talking about. You could develop a niche and write about the topics you feel strongly about.

Slowly with more and more articles coming in, you would increase your fan base and people would come to you knowing that you have authentic information about the topic. This would authentic, henceforth, any product you recommend and establish you as an expert.

Article Directories and Exposure

As a marketer, you already know that how important exposure is. You need to gain attention of thousands of potential clients in minimum possible time and with a cost that doesn’t create holes in your pockets.

Such arrangement where you could address a large number of audience in the most cost effective way is definitely by submitting new articles to article directories and ranking high in search engines which love the fresh content.

These are a few benefits of submitting articles to article directory. Just make sure your article is relevant, fresh and precise.

How to Publish your own Podcast on iTunes

Here in this article, I will show you how to publish your own Podcast on iTunes. But before you learn how to do that, it is necessary to know what a Podcast is (offcourse if you don’t already know).

The word Podcast is derived from two different terms-“iPod” and “broadcast”. iPod, as you all know is one of the most popular portable MP3 players, introduced by Apple.

A podcast can be referred to as an audio or video program which is formatted to be played on iPod or any other Mp3 player, and made available on the internet for free or on purchase. But it is not just like any other boring radio program which you don’t want to listen if it doesn’t interest you.

With podcast, you are in control. You can rewind it, pause it or play it over and over. You can store it or even delete it.

Can anyone create a Podcast?

Yes, anybody can. If you are creative and want to share your ideas with the world, go for a podcast.

A good sound recorder, a mic and a few bucks is all you need to start a podcast. Now the question arises – how to publish a podcast on itunes? For that you also need to understand about the term RSS. RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a way to get notifications of new and changed content from various websites.

The list of notifications is called an “RSS Feed”. People who are interested in finding out the latest headlines or changes can check this list. Special programs called “RSS aggregators” automatically access the RSS feeds of websites and organize the results for you.

itunes logo

How to start your own Podcast?

Publishing your podcast is not a very complicated or time taking process. You just need to follow the few steps mentioned below:

1. Organize your podcast content
Write down your content or make an outline to keep a track of what you will discuss or promote. Take help of podcasts already in existence to know about the current the style and content.

2. Get the equipments you will need
If you want o sound professional and do not want your listeners to unsubscribe due to poor sound, get good sound recorder with noise cancelling mic and full headset.

3. Select your software
You need to select a software to record your content and publish. Few examples are garageband, Audacity, Adobe Audition etc.

4. Record the audio for your podcast
This is the most important step. Talk in a consistent pace and style and show interest and passion in what you are saying.

5. Save the audio file on your computer
Make sure it is in mp3 format and does not contain special characters.

6. Give your podcast an id and art
You can either do it yourself or ask some friend to do it. Be careful in naming your file so that the name fo the podcast and date and time of the episodes are clear.

7. Create your RSS podcast feed
You can do it manually with some XML coding which is similar to HTML. You can also copy another RSS file and use it as a template to make your necessary modifications.

8. Put your RSS podcast feed on internet
Go to Feedburner and type in the URL of your blog and click “I am a podcaster!” In the next screen, configure the elements for your podcast.

Your feedburner feed is your podcast. In a few minutes, Feedburner should add this to your feed, and now you have an episode! You can submit it to iTunes or a number of other podcast directories to get it known.

Make sure you keep on updating and editing your content because people won’t want to listen to boring, run-on podcasts and also keep the size of the episodes short.

Top 5 Social Media Plugins for your WordPress Blog

The success of a blog depends on how much traffic it is getting. Bloggers try different things to get their sites recognized and attract more and more readers. But as the competition is tough, they have to make their blogs more interesting than others and the best way to do this is to use social media plugins.

Social media is tremendously popular nowadays and therefore it is best to choose social media plugins to gain popularity for your site and also improve its ranking in the search engine results.

Now the next challenge is to choose the right one among the endless plugins available in the market. In this article, below are mentioned top five plugins which you should introduce in your WordPress site to help it attract more and more traffic:

Social media plugins for wordpress blog

Share This
This social media plugin allows you put buttons on your post for the readers and also helps you choose any social media site wish to target. You also have the option to customize this plugin according to the theme of your website.

Other than that you have option of having tracking reports and so many display options available to choose from such as widgets, icons, buttons etc.

Sociable is one of the best Social media plugins for WordPress. Whenever you post a new blog, Sociable adds one button on almost all social bookmarking websites thus allowing people to vote for you easily and submit the post to other social media sites. Sociable also gives you the option to select buttons as per your choice.

Google plus one plugin
This plugin came at the time of launch of Google+ and has gained popularity since then. It may or may not be better than Twitter or Facebook buttons, but it has become essential to add this plugin to gain more traffic and also the fact that is now also seen for in search engine results. You can add this plugin to your site as well as customize it as per your need.

Digg Digg
Digg Dig can be said as a must have social media plugin for any WordPress site. This plugin can increase traffic at your site by 7 times. It also gives you option to add a floating share bar in your blog post. This plugin is the most updated one with all new features everytime.

Get Social
This is another very useful plugin to help your readers share your blogs around effortlessly. You cannot have buttons in your content but the left hand side floating bar makes your work easier.

The above mentioned plugins are the social plugins used most commonly and it would be a big mistake to ignore them. Search engines also now prefer social media over other traditional search engine optimization practices.

So why not make the best use of these social plugins? It is advisable for the bloggers not to overlook the benefits of these plugins for their site’s better performance and for getting more and more traffic.

How To Promote Your Blog

You are a great writer? Good. You have created a blog to showcase your talent? Great. But have you thought there is a possibility that you might get lost in the crowd of many? May be not.

No one thinks on those lines. At least not when they are creating a blog. But if you are an aspiring blogger, you should give it a serious thought.

With several thousands of people already blogging about everything under the sun and several others willing to join in, where does it leave a room for you? Yes, like every other blogger, you want to be heard, seen and talked about. Fair enough! But have you have chalked out your plans to promote yourself & your blog, if you haven’t already, these pointers will show you how to.

How To Promote Your Blog

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Write for yourself

Enough said, write for an audience, write about what people want to know, write what is the latest in the market is. Honestly, can you, as a writer, deliver on the topics you have no interest in? Yeah, you probably can write a well-researched article but will it have a soul?

Instead, why not write about something you feel passionate about? Something you can add value to. We all know, as a blogger you are supposed to be committed to write on a regular basis. To generate some noise about yourself.

So why not motivate yourself by writing something that interests you. Once you have established your expertise, followers will follow you, like the mice followed the Piped Piper.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Social Media

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus are no longer just social hangouts; they have emerged as big platforms to entice potential customers.

Use these platforms to promote yourself and inform your followers about your new blogs. Where you have character limitations for e.g., on Twitter, write an attractive phrase along with a link. For many of us, a day doesn’t go by where we do not sign in, in our Facebook account. So chances of your blog to be seen and shared is higher, than sharing it on emails.

Participate in Forums/Groups

Another way to promote your blog is to join in various groups or forums that discusses similar topics as that of yours. Say your blog is about cars, so joining a group or forum on Facebook or elsewhere will help you gather some traffic for your own blog.

Usually if you make a witty or an expert remark on an on-going discussion, chances are people would get intrigued and would want to know more about you. You could also leave a link along with a comment so that people can follow you back or alternatively your profile should contain relevant information about you along with links to your blogs.

Keep an eye on other blogs

Acting as a guest blogger or asking others to do so for you is another way to promote your blog. As an aspiring blogger, you could search for someone who has the same field of work as yours and ask them to promote your blog on theirs for some money or in good faith. This would help you gain few followers and a reputation.

Similarly you could share works of experts in the field and when people search for their works, they stumble upon yours too. Either way, it is promotion for your own blog. Also, remember to participate actively via comments on other peoples’ blogs. This would legitimize your existence and people would want to know more about your blog.

Syndication & Blog Promotion

Writing articles and submitting them to some of the article directories is one way of blog promotion, but if you want to reach various mediums across various networks, syndication is for you. To put it in simple words, syndication refers to the various websites that provide information and display it.

There are various syndication websites that would promote your blog on various networks across the world wide web for a small subscription amount (or free). The websites like, etc. allow the users to create an account and then grant them a URL via which they can share their blogs with million others users.

Similarly, they can access from very specific to general information what other bloggers provide.

These are a few tricks to promote your own blog. Remember what Mark Twain had to say “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising”.