How to Find Free Images for your Blog using Flickr

Images play an important role in making your website’s articles and blog posts interesting. It helps in attracting more and more readers to your website.

A blog full of text doesn’t look appealing at all and if you put even a single relevant image in it, it may give the whole idea of what you are trying to say. Therefore images not only augment your words but also make them more presentable and increase your blog’s chances of showing up in a search engine’s results.

Now the challenge here is to find good as well as free images for your blog. You would certainly want best images for your blog but if you obtain them illegally, knowingly or unknowingly, you might end up in unwanted trouble.

There are many websites available which offer variety of images, mostly photographed professionally and edited. One of the best websites among them is Flickr.

Flickr, a community for photo sharing used by both professionals and amateurs. You can find thousands of images on Flickr, some are paid but mostly free. You can modify them too but you will have to give the credit to the photographer.

find free images for blog

Searching for free images?

How to find free images on Flickr?

All photos on Flickr are protected by a license called Creative commons licence. Before using photos that you get on Flickr website, ensure that you understand fully what this licence is.

A creative common license protects the owner of the original photograph without full copyright application. It means others can also use the photographs for their commercial blogs, under certain restrictions. You will need to go through those instructions thoroughly before using the photographs.

Now here are the steps you have to take while searching the images on flickr:

1. Go to Flickr Advanced Search form and select the following options

a. Only search within Creative Commons-licensed photos
b. Find content to use commercially
c. Find content to modify, adapt, and build upon

2. Now type your search in the box, use words to describe that image in your mind. You can also search by default titles or by the tags which photographers have used for their images. If you are not getting the desired image, you can also experiment using different search terms.

3. Once you have selected the image, go to “some rights reserved” link in the sidebar on right hand-side. Doing that will take you to the image’s creative common license.

4. If the creative common license allows the use of the image, you are free to download and use it.

5. There is one more very important step. You will have to give credit to the original author. This can be done by putting a caption or line near your image in the given particular format.

So these were few simple steps and now you have got a nice desired image for your blog, of course without violating any copyrights. In this way you are not only bringing attention from readers to your blog but to the photographer who has done that wonderful image.

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