Free Hosted vs. Self-Hosted Blog

There are already millions of blogs on the Internet. Some of them are created on a free host while others were created on a paid host.

So what’s the difference between a free hosted blog and a self-hosted blog? We will discuss the difference between the two and will also check out which one you should choose.

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What is a free, hosted blog?

You can go to or and sign up for an account and create a blog straight away.

No fees, no set up charges.

Sounds simple, right?

Such free hosted blogs are great for beginners.

However, while signing up, you need to agree with their terms and conditions and also follow them. Additionally, you don’t get a domain name for free.

All you get is a free subdomain name. For example, your blog’s URL will be or You can choose yourblogname, subject to availability.

But some extra part will be there in the URL such as wordpress or blogspot. There are some other restrictions as well like no or very little options to customize.

What is a self-hosted blog?

A self-hosted blog requires you to install a blogging software but you will need a web host for that. Off-course, a web-host, for example Bluehost, will cost you some money.

You will also need to spend a few dollars for domain name registration. A domain name is the address of your blog on Internet, for example is the domain name of my blog.

A web host provides you actual space on their servers to store the code/scripts, images and other files related to your blog or website.

All this you can get for under $8 USD per month. Installing the blog software is not a big deal.

Most of the leading web hosts like Bluehost and Hostgator provide you 1 click installation of blog. vs. is the free service that provides you hosted blogs. is also free but they provide you a software that you need to install on a web-host and the web-host is not free.

Free hosted vs. self-hosted blog: What’s the difference between the two?

Self-hosted blog is like your own house. You have the complete control. You can customize as you want. You can add any plugins you want.

You can change the layouts, look and feel. You can also put adverts on it.

On the other hand, having a hosted blog is like staying in a rented house. Just like you have lots of restrictions in your rented house, you have very little control over the hosted blog.

Some of them don’t allow you to put ads on your hosted blog. You have little options of customizing the looks and adding new functionality.

Apart from the restrictions, the free hosted blog with a subdomain name looks less professional. It’s very hard to earn credibility with a “FREE” thing. There could be several hundreds, if not thousands, blogs having same looks, more or less, as yours.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, I recommend everyone to go for a self hosted blog. Sign up with a good web host such as Bluehost (great for beginners) and install WordPress, a free, Open Source software provided by