Key Advantages of Using Self Hosted WordPress

WordPress is a publishing platform that makes it easy for you to publish your content online. It is a commercial enterprise owned by Automattic.

WordPress was started back in 2003 with a very few users, only to grow and become the biggest blogging tool in the world. It is being used by millions of websites/blogs and visited by several million people every day. WordPress is an open source, community-driven project.

From large company websites to personal blogs, and everything in between, everyone can publish with WordPress.

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WordPress comes in two forms, the free hosted, and the self-hosted version available at

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For a beginner, this question often comes in mind whether to use the fully hosted one or self-hosted one? Both have their advantages and disadvantages over each other.

It totally depends on your requirement and interest whether you want to go for or Here in this article we will highlight some key advantages of the self-hosted WordPress which are as follows.

Advantages of Self-hosted WordPress

Here are some of the best advantages of using self-hosted WordPress website.

Advantages of Self hosted WordPress org blog

Hosting on Your Server

You have full control over your blog as you are hosting it on your own. You have to create a web hosting account with one of the web hosting providers.

No one can delete your blog or interfere in any way. You can control advertisements, plugins, designs, themes, content, monetization etc. Maintenance and development is also on your part.

Plugins and Support

WordPress has amazing features like plugin and a strong community to get support. It makes your life easy using simple plugins for everything you need. By using plugins, you add any functionality. You can take help of WordPress support forum to get custom code and extend the capabilities of your blog.


There are thousands of free as well as premium themes available. You can install from unlimited beautiful themes. You can make your own themes too, using PHP and CSS.

Trust and Respect

If you have self-hosted blog, it means you are serious about blogging. It helps you gain respect and trust. Same ways you can easily contact private advertiser and increase your potential to make money.


If you want a full-featured website with your own domain name, the ability to post videos, unlimited storage and no forced advertising, can become quite expensive.

If cost is your most important consideration then will be your most affordable option.

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Final Words

Installing the software for self-hosted blog and creating your site doesn’t mean you are done with it. With full control comes full responsibility.

If you host your own WordPress site, you will need to be prepared to provide regular maintenance and updates.

Whenever the WordPress core software comes out with a new release, you’ll need to upgrade your site to make sure it’s secure and less vulnerable to hacking. If you have a spam problem, you’ll have to find your a solution. WordPress sites are a favorite target of spammers and hackers.

However, nothing to worry as their are tons of tutorials and support available for everyone.