How to Publish your own Podcast on iTunes

Here in this article, I will show you how to publish your own Podcast on iTunes. But before you learn how to do that, it is necessary to know what a Podcast is (offcourse if you don’t already know).

The word Podcast is derived from two different terms-“iPod” and “broadcast”. iPod, as you all know is one of the most popular portable MP3 players, introduced by Apple.

A podcast can be referred to as an audio or video program which is formatted to be played on iPod or any other Mp3 player, and made available on the internet for free or on purchase. But it is not just like any other boring radio program which you don’t want to listen if it doesn’t interest you.

With podcast, you are in control. You can rewind it, pause it or play it over and over. You can store it or even delete it.

Can anyone create a Podcast?

Yes, anybody can. If you are creative and want to share your ideas with the world, go for a podcast.

A good sound recorder, a mic and a few bucks is all you need to start a podcast. Now the question arises – how to publish a podcast on itunes? For that you also need to understand about the term RSS. RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a way to get notifications of new and changed content from various websites.

The list of notifications is called an “RSS Feed”. People who are interested in finding out the latest headlines or changes can check this list. Special programs called “RSS aggregators” automatically access the RSS feeds of websites and organize the results for you.

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How to start your own Podcast?

Publishing your podcast is not a very complicated or time taking process. You just need to follow the few steps mentioned below:

1. Organize your podcast content
Write down your content or make an outline to keep a track of what you will discuss or promote. Take help of podcasts already in existence to know about the current the style and content.

2. Get the equipments you will need
If you want o sound professional and do not want your listeners to unsubscribe due to poor sound, get good sound recorder with noise cancelling mic and full headset.

3. Select your software
You need to select a software to record your content and publish. Few examples are garageband, Audacity, Adobe Audition etc.

4. Record the audio for your podcast
This is the most important step. Talk in a consistent pace and style and show interest and passion in what you are saying.

5. Save the audio file on your computer
Make sure it is in mp3 format and does not contain special characters.

6. Give your podcast an id and art
You can either do it yourself or ask some friend to do it. Be careful in naming your file so that the name fo the podcast and date and time of the episodes are clear.

7. Create your RSS podcast feed
You can do it manually with some XML coding which is similar to HTML. You can also copy another RSS file and use it as a template to make your necessary modifications.

8. Put your RSS podcast feed on internet
Go to Feedburner and type in the URL of your blog and click “I am a podcaster!” In the next screen, configure the elements for your podcast.

Your feedburner feed is your podcast. In a few minutes, Feedburner should add this to your feed, and now you have an episode! You can submit it to iTunes or a number of other podcast directories to get it known.

Make sure you keep on updating and editing your content because people won’t want to listen to boring, run-on podcasts and also keep the size of the episodes short.