Top 10 free WordPress themes 2013

WordPress is an open source blogging tool which enables you to publish your content online in an easy way. It can be a fully hosted version called or the self-hosted one, called A WordPress theme is a set of files that determine the look, functionality and feel of your WordPress-powered website. A theme includes information about the general layout of the site, and other content such as graphics, designs, headers, logos and footers. It is like an outfit that makes WordPress look better, and an expression of a user’s individual style and taste.

Themes can be of two types, free or premium. Free themes are professionally designed and totally ready to use. But they may require good knowledge and understanding of WordPress coding to customize and modify and they usually do not come with enough support. Premium themes rather offer much simpler customization, much robust support forums, additional widgets and tools, and timely updates to keep up with the latest versions of WordPress. In this article we will find 10 free most popular themes among so many available, which are as follows:

1. Thoughts
It is a bold and nice theme that includes large images and flat designs, which is perfect for a blog, website or any business.

thoughts wordpress theme

2. Tetris
This theme is created mainly for personal and blogging portfolios. One of its unique features is that it uses masonry style to represent every kind of content like videos or texts.

3. Unique
It emphasizes on large images to represent the content.

4. Attitude
This is a very colorful theme which was introduced by ThemeHorse, and is mainly designed for a business or corporate services website.

top 10 wordpress theme attitude

5. Ajeeban
This theme contains header which is very versatile and which combines the features of copy and images. Although it makes a nice blog theme, it would be a better theme for product spotlights.

6. Adapt
It is a minimalist and clean theme which features highlight and slider boxes for the users to display their latest portfolios, posts or anything else.

7. Ribbon
It’s a graphic-driven and professional layout which also features tricks from HTML5, including nice fading rollover buttons.

8. Something Fishy
This theme is truly a very creative one. Basically a fun theme, Something Fishy is a perfect one for personal blogs. The fishes and whale in the background ae eye-catchers and so is the dropping down hooked worm.

9. Trendy colors
This is a contrasting and dark theme in which yellow and red is a strong and bold color scheme. Therefore this theme is best suitable for blogs with strong and convincing ideas as well as arguments.

10. Siren
It is a responsive and bold theme that has three columns of highlight boxes and one home page slider. This theme requires very less customization and is suitable for almost all types of websites.

Theme is one of your most important decisions when moving to WordPress. A good theme may provide you with more functionality and features so it is important to always choose the one which is right. It is better to prefer functionality over appearance therefore the beginners should begin working with a free theme and can upgrade if they want to take up blogging as their full time venture.