Why Submit Articles to Article Directory

Submitting articles to an article directory could be subjective choice. You could be a writer who loves to write about a wide range of topics, some of which you have developed expertise in. Or you could be a writer earning a living out of writing articles in order to market them.

In both these scenarios, article directories would help these writers reach a bigger audience and give them a recognition which would have not been possible on a personal blog or website.

Article directories are basically a collection of articles on various submitted by people residing in different parts of the world, for a cost or free. Articles submitted in article directories are free to distribute and share, provided the author gets credit and the web links if any, remain intact.

Article directory and article marketing

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Aforesaid, the reason to submit articles to an article directory could vary person to person, but its benefits can be summed as follows:

To Improve Your Blog’s Ranking & Traffic

If you are a marketing person who writes to market a product/service you would be delighted to know that articles, especially fresh ones are search engine friendly; more so if you keep your article relevant and include lots of keywords/tags, which a user might use while searching for similar product/service.

You have a liberty of adding a couple of backlinks to your blog, while you pen a short yet interesting write up about the thing you wish to advertise.

This would help the audience follow you back to your blog and its product. More audience clicking on your articles means more are the chances of your blog to improve its traffic. That would definitely help you generate business.

To Get A Direct Feedback

For business or self-development a feedback from the readers is utmost necessary. Whether they like what you have written or have thoughts against it, in either way you would grow and gather some more knowledge.

Articles and the chance to comment below it is like an interactive box between the author and his audience, they could suggest improvements or add a point or two which would help the author write better. Also, in terms of marketing, any feedback from customer positive or otherwise would help the company to create better products.

To Establish Your Credibility

For you to sell a product or gain some followers, it is very important that you establish yourself as an expert or a person who knows what is he talking about. You could develop a niche and write about the topics you feel strongly about.

Slowly with more and more articles coming in, you would increase your fan base and people would come to you knowing that you have authentic information about the topic. This would authentic, henceforth, any product you recommend and establish you as an expert.

Article Directories and Exposure

As a marketer, you already know that how important exposure is. You need to gain attention of thousands of potential clients in minimum possible time and with a cost that doesn’t create holes in your pockets.

Such arrangement where you could address a large number of audience in the most cost effective way is definitely by submitting new articles to article directories and ranking high in search engines which love the fresh content.

These are a few benefits of submitting articles to article directory. Just make sure your article is relevant, fresh and precise.